Offset points in xy plane

hello everyone,

I made a mistake and design my nautilus as a wireframe. But actually, I need some thickness to make a solid and print it. Therefore, I want to give my shape a 0,5 mm thickness. For that reason, I should offset points. Do you have any idea, how I can offset the points (see image)?


did you try Scale component or Move Away From ?
that may works in this situation , if not then post your file

in order to be better help, you’ll have to give more information and a file is also welcome.

Some questions
Do you want to 3d print something flat ? Some color could be useful to understand where you want to print.
If you stay flat, give a try to Clipper Offset, with it is easy to offset curves (polylines) and to make some surface.
Did you look at this thread ?

Here a script
that draw a logarithmic spiral, scale it (not offset)
Then draw chambers with arcs
The offset it (with Clipper)
Then make a surface

snai_logarithmic_spiral_chamber.ghx (367.9 KB) (32.7 KB)


thank you for responds. Actually your solution was for spiral chamber better. Therefore, I tried to change with my solution. I don’t know why, but I have some trouble with scale. Can you check my gh? maybe you can understand better (37.1 KB)

I don’t see any trouble with the scale, the center is good. As input curve is not internalized and as you don’t provide lots of explanations it is difficult to help more.
My only last advice, follow the flow of your definition (from beginning to end), try to understand all changes made by the component.

Thank you for respond. Sorry that I didn’t internalize the grasshopper. I’m new in grasshopper. You are right! I need time to get used it:) I solved actually the problem.

I have more general question. I didn’t find it in the forum also. How do we give geometric continuity to curves in grasshopper? For example, G0(non-contiunity),G1 (tangential),G2 and G3 conditions in Siemens NX.