How to offset this 3D curve with fixed start end points on axis?

You can see a circle that is non planar and subdivided into several segments. I would like to “scale” the circle but I need the start and end points of each segment onto specfic axis, that i draw with the black arrows. The green curves gives an example, what I am looking for.

Thanks a lot for your help and time! (5.0 KB)

here is an old cluster I had that does what you want (I think)
it offsets a curve in 3d space

offset (17.5 KB)

Unfortunately it is not what I need. The red points at my curve are start and end points from the individual segments. I need the start and points of the offsetted Segments in the direction of my drawn arrows. You can see that at the green curve and green offsetted start end points (example).

offset (102.8 KB)

Hi, first of all thank you, but I can not find the correct Connection wire between the “startend” component.
Moreover I can not find the Setup for the Offset/Scale distance
Thanks a lot!!!

it is from FabTools

But what did you Input into the “start-end” component and the merge component?

oops, sorry it was Sift Indices from Pufferfish.

I can not find the sift Indices component in the latest Version of pufferfish. Can you replace this component with a current one and upload the definiton again please?

Here it is…

offset (101.1 KB)

Thank you! But the result is not exactly like the original curve. In the attatched picture you can see, that the left curve (original) has a 3d-bending. The blue curve (new) is a straight Connection between the two points.

I really hope that you know a solution!!!

offset (103.3 KB)

Still not the solution, but i gotta go now…hope it might give you a hint…

When I look from the top view at your cirves, I could figure out that they are not drawing a “perfect” circle. I am trying to continue with your definition, but I know that I have not enough knowledge to handle it. So when you have a little bit more time to fix it, I would be very thankful!

offset (112.2 KB)

offset (216.2 KB)

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Thanks a lot for you effort and time you spend to help me with this project. I will learn from your defintion as soon as I have time to reflect on it.

Have a nice weekend!

Hello again,
I continued with your definition and modified the original curve from the beginning. I tried for hours to find the error, but I do not know why the result is not correct. The original curve changed the amount of segments. The mayor looking is still the same, so do not worry about. Can you have a look again, please?
Here is the cluster with the internalised data
Thank you!!! (108.3 KB)

@Jakinta Are you there? :sweat:

In this manner you can offset your 3d curve in desired directions per vertices while keeping it circular in top view…hope this helps…

offset (24.1 KB)

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Thanks for your help. I am very respecting your effort and knowledge!