Offset Points along a Line

Hey so I’m doing this project and I’m trying to create these umbrella-like forms. I got these tensile cables to connect to the edge of each panel, though now I want to offset those points internally, such as:

I tried working by offsetting the initial shape and trying to get the intersection points, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Hopefully, someone with much more knowledge in the program can help!
Umbrella (34.3 KB)


if your goal is to move points along a line, this could be a solution.
You have 2 options: to evaluate new point on line by lenght or by parameter.

Umbrella (29.9 KB)

Get the Average of the points to find their center, then Vector 2Pt from the points to that center. Set their Amplitude to the offset distance and Move them.

missing (7.5 KB)