Move multiple points along 1 line

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a way to move points along one (middle) line. In the picture are 3 lines, and the points are based on the middle line, and then projected to the 2 outer lines. I would like to move the points in the middle line, and then project them to the 2 outer.

Is there any way to do this WITHOUT changing the eval length node in the beginning of the script. These values cannot be changed.

Would love to hear a solution. Thanks in advance!!

Points (29.7 KB)

Points (24.1 KB)

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Thanks alot. Been struggling with the following… such difficult for me.

Do you know how to move every point that is created, 0.5 units in X and Y direction, so that a rectangle can be made in that point, that is line with the middle curve?

Thank you so much.

Points (27.8 KB)


Great, thanks!!