Offset part of objects points and then weave together all points

i’m currently working on a script for 3d clay printing. One of many problems is this current one:I’ve divided a cylinder into curves/points and was able to offset part of the cylinder out or in. Now im trying to offset every second point of the offsetted part and then weave then interpolate all points to one object again. This will force the clay printer to create overhangs. As you can see in case.jpeg this is how the objects looks currenlty. I want the offsetted to look more exegerated like in exaggerated.jpeg.

Looking forward for your solutions. Also happy to see refinements and tipps concerning the whole script.

Entwurf (33.6 KB)

Maybe I’ll add a script they teached us in the course to explane the whole idea. In there script they used a curve to attract part of the objects points and the pull them out of the object. In my case i want to use a surface to attract parts of the objects points and pull those points. I’m very new to Grasshoper so i take every tip anybody has. (3.4 MB)

is this the script you want to use as starting point?

this script is a little bit useless in the current state, because Graph Mapper is being use on the distances of points which are on a circular path to a point that lies on the projection of their center…

for each branch of points (grouped together with the green rectangles in the above image) you get the very same distance valued, repeated for each point

but there is no bottom-to-top or up-to-down correspondence in this, because the distances are remapped, and then assigned a type of graph that makes things pretty random imho:

iI think the issue you are experiencing here might be related to the amplitude of the overhangs

please post that GH file

Hey, thank you for taking time and your first comments. I’ve already uploaded the GH file in my first question on Top. But here it is:
Entwurf (32.9 KB)

And the script i’m referring to is this one.

Here they used a curve that attracts some points. These points can latter be pulled out. It would be amazing if i could select many points like parts of the surface and pull this points out, they way they did it in there script. So basically replace the curve with a attraction surface, that i can manipulate.