Offset curve without overlapping

Hello guys,
I am trying to make a very generic script for core area calculation.
The problem is when she shape is not wide enough and the curves start to overlap. My idea is to check the dimensions of the surface before offsetting the surface’s outline, so that if the dimensions are smaller than certain limit the offset won’t be created. This should work for multipolygons and circular surfaces. Any ideas how to do that? Thanks a lot!


Like this? (8.3 KB)

Always use Clipper. (7.7 KB)


Hi @davidsmavrov,

I like your definition, it is very elegant :))…
although, counting the curves is a good idea, sometimes you might loose the offset only because of a small protrusion like in your example
In this case I would like the two curves to join.

If you have an idea how to go around it, please let me know.

Thanks a lot!

Like this? (12.6 KB)

Hey, listen, this is just a quick suggestion. I am pretty sure is not “one size fits all” kind of solution.

Try Michael Pryor suggestion. It will give you way better results.

Hi again, @davidsmavrov
Thanks a lot for your effort!
I see some limitations but it might workout for my geometries just fine. If not I’ll give a chance to Michaels’ clipper :slight_smile:

It’s not mine :smiley: I just use it.

This is maybe what you need… (10.5 KB)

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