Offset command enhancement request

Offset command with the Sharp option for convex corners currently extends the offset curves by straight segments independent of the shape of the offset curves.

Connect command provides options on how curves are extended to provide sharp corners:


Extends arcs with an arc segment tangent to the input curve.


Extends arcs with a line segment tangent to the input curve.

ExtendOtherCurvesBy (Line/Smooth)

Extends a curve (that is not an arc) smoothly or with a straight line.

If the extensions of the picked ends do not intersect, the other ends may be connected.

Request: Add the options from Connect to Offset for Corner=Sharp condition.

This will allow design intent to be maintained in many situations, and keep curvature continuity in the offset curves where appropriate.

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Hi David - can you make an example, even a rough one, of this?


Offset Request 240111.3dm (2.0 MB)

Ah, I understand. You want the smooth extension of the curves when closing the gap between sequential segments. I opened the issue here. I’m a little concerned with how consistent it will be but I’ll take a look.

@Joshua_Kennedy Thanks for adding this to the heap, but it isn’t quite what I requested. I want the same options available as in the Connect command for sharp corners, not Instead of filling the gap with an arc/extension it should try to extend the adjacent segments so they meet".

Request: Add the options from Connect to Offset for Corner=Sharp condition.
This would allow the option of smooth extensions of the adjacent segments or the option of straight line segments.

Consistent with ??? It would be consistent with how the Connect command already works.

I’m not sure this makes sense as another option that’s added when sharp corners are chosen. Sharp corners are extensions by lines. I think it makes more sense to add an extend option which will try the smooth/arc extension.

Consistent as in the smooth extensions may not meet. Like here:

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Extrude the two sets of curves into polysurfaces and apply Zebra analysis to reveal the advantage of using a smooth extension of the offset curves. When it comes to product design, the sudden change of curvature on shiny plastic or painted surfaces is immediately noticeable and adds a perception for lower quality of the product.

Sharp corners do not have to be extensions by line. Connect provides the option for sharp corners with smooth extensions, and the request is for the same in Offset.

See the example above which I provided. The extensions in the offset curve were created using Connect.

Yes, that is a possibility and would need to be handled, possibly by not extending the curve at that corner.