Offset Curve on surface Options?

It looks like this is the same on Windows …[quote=“leex, post:1, topic:9020”]
Add please settings for Corner ( Sharp Round Smooth Chamfer )

It would be nice to have this option on Mac as well.

No options for this here …

Ces la vie eh!

If nothing is preselected, then both Mac and Windows Rhino prompt you to select the curve and then the base surface.

Windows Rhino does not allow any preselection. I’m not sure why.

Mac Rhino allows preselection of the curve and then asks you to select the base surface.
If the surface is preselected, like Windows Rhino, it deselects the surfaces and you start over selecting both.

Hi @John_Brock i was more wondering why we have no options like regular offset, smooth or sharp or round. This is for both Windows & Mac versions.

I could explode or split my curves, then delete the fillet or corner , extend curve on surface and then trim where they meet to get a sharp corner. But it would be nice if Rhino gave us that option for OffsetCruveOnSurface.

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If the surface were flat, then those options make sense, and you wouldn’t need the command
Since the command is has to work for wildly undulating surfaces, would the corners be calculated based on the view angle, maybe based on some artificially cooked up plane determined at the corners? Since there is no mathematically rigorous way to guess what the user wants, tuning up the corners manually as you described is the best approach.

So maybe splitting the original curves at the corners then offsetting, then extending on surface is the best approach for my needs.Thanks!