Offset by 0.6 the height

Hello Guys,

I am running into little problem again…
i startet to try to do a script offsetting the outline of a geometrie by the 0.6 of the height and i managed to get to do it with a straight geometrie but as soon as i try to do it with changing offset i run into some problems… maybe someone can help me how to approach it…?0.6 height (16.1 KB)

You didn’t internalize your geometry (the Brep param) and the Sort Surface Z cluster is password protected.

Have you considered scaling by Z instead? Scale NU

Have a look at the attachment…

0.6 height (30.7 KB)

the goal is to to offset the lines on the bottom with 0.6 of the height the only problem i am having is when the top of the geometrie is changing its height the offset would have to get further away too… and i couldnt quite figure it out yet… and the geometrie should be as exchangable as possible