Move Breps in an Offset


I would like to move breps in an offset of 0.01 m.
Currently, when I deconstruct the brep, it does’nt pick up all vectors, therefore one component stays in place.
In addition, it would be helpful if instead of estimating the scale of the vector, the objects would move in a 0.01 distance between each.
The upper objects would ideally be placed directly above the arc components also in a distance of 0.01 m, I’ve attached an image that demonstrates this.
I have also included a GH file attempt and a rhino file including the desired end result (done manually) and the original brep organization.

I w190301_Brep Offset.3dm (12.1 MB)

190301_Brep Offset_Rhino 5.3dm (12.0 MB)
190301_Move Brep in (17.4 KB)
ould really appreciate some help.

Thank you in advance,