Offset and fillet unjoined curves

Hi guys,
I created this script using Parakeet (I found it on Pinterest).
I would like to offset the curves on both directions and fillet them, but using the offset component doesnt work very well because the curves are seperated.
My desired result is in the atteched photo. (9.9 KB)

thanks for your help!

I have a script to do this but it runs in native Rhino, not GH. It shouldn’t be too hard to build a GH definition that offsets curves both sides and then adds arcs to the ends - just don’t have the time now. Someone probably has already done this. (7.3 KB)

Thanks. I will check it.
How do I open this file extension in Rhino?

You don’t. Save the script somewhere and then call RunPythonScript and browse to the script file. Then follow the command prompts. For more information on installing and running scripts, see here:

If you post the geometry in your image without Parakeet I’ll see what I can do. (12.0 KB)

The last one is w/o Parakeet. Thanks!

I reuploaded the script

I will try it. Thanks.

But that’s not the same geometry :exclamation: Single polylines are easy, the difficult part is where three segments meet at a single point.

I fixed the script. Download it again please.
I dont know how to create the same geometry w/o Parakeet, but the one I reuploaded has the same problem.

That’s still not the same geometry.

You just need to internalize the Parakeet outputs.

How do I do that?

Here is the internalized version (129.7 KB)

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files (123.5 KB)

Too late, I ignored your last post. This works on single polylines and fails, as expected, where three segments meet. In some cases a Region Union might save the day but not all cases. The Combine component at the end is only to show the original curve when it fails. (142.4 KB)

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Ithink I could work with this.
Appreciate your help, thanks a lot!

Here is another version: (141.6 KB)

With my offset script, CurveBoolean and a bit of manual work… No GH.

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One cheat would be via pipes and projections (of the pipes) so you get the curves.
You can project then unify projections, but you may as well use MeshShadow.

In this example I used a MeshPipe component because it’s faster than the regular pipe or the SubD multi-pipe: (133.2 KB)

I took care of self-intersecting curves out of habit/trauma, but you probably don’t need to, just pipe your joint or unjoint curves and you should be fine.

MeshTools, just in case:

Yes I saw it, works great, but I need it to be parametric.

I will check it.

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