Offset and fillet unjoined curves

Btw, 'forgot to say: frequently, if not all times, GH fillet is a bit mischievous. Sometimes SimplifyCrv takes care of things before filleting sharp corners. Sometimes nothing does :slight_smile: A thing you might do in a related scenario is keep pipes open (no caps), generate the outlines, fillet them, then grab open curve pairs (exclude closed ones) per each outline group, and use the connect component to combine curves via tangency with a bulge.

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Clipper is good and fast to do that except it is polylines

2 versions of Clipper on Food4Rhino


Lol, duh, true - I forgot I am now a fan.

For the OP this should be fine.

Here’s my no-plugin GH solution (curves). It’s pretty slow though, takes about a minute here to update if I change the offset… (141.3 KB)


Thank you.