Odd V5 crash at shutdown

Any ideas what this mean?

I don’t have a f\dd folder as far as I know. (I do have a F drive though)

I always see this error when I forget to close Rhino before shutting down Windows. The file path is on the computer that compiles the Rhino application.

@Holo, I would like to confirm. Does the crash happen when you close Rhino or shutdown Windows?
I remember a user reported, a few years ago, this crash usually happened when he closed Rhino.

I added a bug report for this crash.
RH-35726 Exception error in dockcont.cpp

This was on a windows shutdown. I tried to recreate it, but then it didn’t happen. Oh well… at least I now know that it is referring to the compiler computer and not my computer.

@Holo, thanks. I have the steps in the bug report that can reproduce the crash on every computer of mine.

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@Holo, the next release of Rhino WIP will have the fix for this crash. Thank you.

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RH-35726 is fixed in the latest WIP