Odd Behavior using 'Set'

there’s a way for the latest grasshopper 5C95w to get stuck(?) in the previous WIP behavior of bringing the rhino window to the front if clicking in it… once this behavior is initiated, the grasshopper window will not only go to the back but disappear altogether. (during Set).

a set of steps which should let you see what i’m talking about:

• launch WIP 5C95w
• double-click ‘Perspective’ at top-left of perspective viewport which will change it to maximized one viewport.
• call ExplicitHistory
• using the icon menus, go Params-> Geometry-> (click) Line
• click in the grasshopper canvas (which drops in the Line component)
• right-click the Line parameter then choose “Set one Line”

at this point, grasshopper should disappear and you’ll be prompted to pick points for the line…
when the line is completed, grasshopper will come back but now, it will no longer stay on top.
(though, at this point, osx Split View will again work with rhino/grasshopper : ) )

Thx! We have a bunch of logged issues dealing with the relationship of the gh window and the rhino window, specifically for this one: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issueMobile/MR-2455