OD_CopyPasteExternal - move meshes between apps

I`m using this to move meshes between Modo and Rhino. How to set those scripts as native commands? Is there any folder where scripts are added automatically to the commands list? I would like easy way to repeat this after every Rhino 7 WIP update :slight_smile:

I`ve attached Python script files which create new commands.

Rhino_CopyToExternal.py (882 Bytes) Rhino_PasteFromExternal.py (2.2 KB)

you can make you own button and assign that script to it-

In the level 2 manual, look at the section on customization-


specifically pages 17- 32

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Thanks, I’ve seen that button editor before but there is a command field where I can`t paste my Python scripts. I need commands there. How to register those two scripts as commands?

! -_RunPythonScript RhinoCopyToExternal.py

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