New Command Suggestion: ComeHere

I’d like to suggest a new command. I often work with large files and have to copy objects from other files. The copy position is more often than not a long way from where I am working in my current file. It would be great to be able to tell the copied object to “ComeHere” and give me a cursor to be able to place the object near where I need it without having to zoom out, find the object and then have to move it to where I want it.

This command would also be useful when unrolling surfaces and Make2d which place the new objects at the origin.

Hi Brett - for now you can do that, if I understand you, with a macro

! _Paste _Zoom _Selected 
_Move _Pause _Pause 

You can make an Alias of ComeHere with that macro… Does that do any good?


I have never used macros. I copy and pasted the macro in the macro editor and ran it but nothing happened. Not sure how to use it.


Did you try with something on the clipboard from another file? It won’t do anything unless there is something to paste - that’s what you wanted, right?


That worked for copying from other files. Thanks!

How do I save that command for later use?

Do you have a script that will allow me to do the same thing with an object in the same file?

For example when I unroll a surface and it places it at the the origin?

Actually for more general use, just remove the Paste at the start - then it will work for any selected objects.


How do I save the command?

I have bee reading the help files for macros but there is no mention of how to save the command for later use.

I have found a site that is walking me through it.

Thanks for you help!

I’ll let you know if I succeed!

Add the macro to a button, or make an alias, as I initially suggested - either way will work.


Got it!

Thanks! Works Great!

I’ll definitely be using this one a lot!

One more question…

I opened a new file but the new macro button wasn’t there in the tool bar list.
I re opened the file where I created the button but it wasn’t there either.

Do I need to save it in a template file?

What am I missing?

Figured it out.

Didn’t realize you had to save it after it was made.

Thanks again!