Octopus doesn't start solving anything?

Hi all,

n00b alert. I’m trying to run the attached optimisation, but can’t get Octopus to begin to update the sliders in my gene pool. It’s been more than a year since I last played with the solver. What am I doing wrong?

The logic here (also explained in the crazy amount of notes throughout the definition) is to generate a uniform point cloud of sorts, switch some points off, connect them with a polyline, pipe this polyline, and run a BullAnt tessellation that intersects with the pipe. I try to minimise the length of the pipe and maximise the amount of cells, while having at least some of them touch the ground plane.

I’m sure there are more efficient ways of setting this up, the gene pool is rather big, etc, etc (and hints are much appreciated there too) - but while the logic is probably flawed, for some surely obvious reason I can’t get Octopus to start doing anything at all. I can’t figure out exactly how to get it to start trying to solve anything. Can you?


Sorry, here’s the definition:

180920_octopus-question.gh (24.3 KB)