Octane Render for Rhino not activating

I am getting a fail for authenticating Octane when Rhino starts. I get this window pop up but the name and password that are on the OTOY server do not work in this activation window. I think sonething changed on the 3.05 update and need to get this sorted out. Paul?

Sorry for the late reply - I only just saw this msg.

You need to enter your OTOY account username and password - not the plugin username and password.



I can sign in to OTOY using the Google info but when I try and get to my password I can't remember it and the OTOY reset password function is useless. It asks "Can't remember password' and if you click that it asks for your email address. Then you get a message to check your email for a 'reset password' page on which you can create a new password. The catch is that you have to remember your old password for that to take effect! What kind of silly circular logic is that? I have all my application and license passwords but the account password and the forums passwords are all different. Since OTOY took over this sort of thing has begun to sour me on Octane, What am I supposed to do now?


I've signed into the OTOY forums and described the situation there that I have here and still get a 'password reset' link from them that still requires one to know the old password to make the change. PLEASE wake the help people over there up to this absurd 'can't get there from here' logic or just help me here to get my Octane for Rhino activated.

Paul (and the rest), I got a nice pdf from support at OTOY that finally let me muddle through the activation for Octane. Back in business.