Install Octane for Rhino on new machine

I hope Paul still hangs out here, Happy New Year!

I have a new computer and am installing all my apps and have RhinoV5 up and running but am having problems installing Octane for Rhino. I can install the Standalone up to Ver 2.26. But when I try and install RhinoOctane I get a window that will not accept my ID and password from the license page at OTOY. It looks like a whole new v3 page. I can't install the V3 Standalone either. Is it because I didn't de-activate from my old computer?

Hi Jody

Are you still having issues with this? You need an Octane 3 license to use the Octane 3 version of the plugin.


Hi Paul,

 I have things all straightened out for Octane 3 in Rhino5 on my new machine now. Thanks for checking though!