Is Octane for Rhino still alive?

I see almost no activity in the forum here.
Half the pages I link to at Otoy are dead.

It is. Follow this thread (the OP)

I regularly have contact with the plug-in dev @pkinnane

OctaneRender for Rhino is very active, and I have release the Rhino6 version, and currently working on the Octane4 release of the plugin.

Half the pages I link to at Otoy are dead

Can you point me to the dead links pls and I will fix them.


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Thanks for speaking up Paul. Looking forward to Octane4 plugin for Rhino6.

I would say that when I do a search (how to create a light, how to increase the intensity of a light) the only results I get are forum replies and those pages are generally dead.

For instance:

I’ve almost given up trying to get useful information. No tutorials, search produces dead pages. Simple question - how to increase the intensity of a light? Can’t find anything useful.

The on-line manual links got changed - and it wasn’t possible to fix every link on every forum - sorry.

The links to the manual and getting starter tutorials are at


Hi Paul,

 Good to see you still watching here for Octane issues. Any idea when the Octane for RhinoV6 will be available?

It already is…

Care to tell us where? I just looked at Octane site and it is not readily evident.

The shop page mentions Rhino 5 and later for Octane plug-in. Further the very first link I posted has direct links to test and stable builds. For both v5 and v6.

Care to share that link? I’m still looking at the Octane site and downloaded the latest from this page and it is for Rhino5 but you don’t know that before downloading.

See the very first link I posted in this thread.

Thanks Nathan!

It has been a good while since I had used Octane but their website is like the internet version of a Dr Bronners Pure Castile Soap bottle label. I had drifted away from Octane towards Thea mainly because I really needed Rhino clipping planes in Octane for my work, will check soon to see if that is now supported. I'm back in the Octane saddle now and thank you once more. 

LiveDB sure has grown!

Enjoy (:

Hi Nathan,

I can get the Rhino ground plane to accept an Octane material but cannot get the rendered plane to respect the typed elevation in the Rhino groundplane controls. Have you had any luck with this?

Also it appears that Rhino clipping planes are ignored by Octane as well.

That is something for @pkinnane to investigate/tell about. I support him with the integration, but otherwise don’t know much about actually using it :slight_smile:

Hi Joseph

I will be adding Rhino clipping plane support in the near future in the Rhino6 version of the plugin.

The Rhino ground plane should translate to the Octane ground plane. Perhaps there is a problem with the units? Can you post a simple scene here demonstrating the problem.



@nathanletwory - I have been emailing and Skyping you regarding a Rhino6 render API issue, but not had any response. I cannot release the next version of the Rhino6 Octane plugin until this is resolved. Are you getting my emails?



@pkinnane - I am currently out on vacation, not following my work e-mail. I’ll be back on August 16th.

@jesterking is there someone else who can help me pls?