Galapagos Pathfinder with min slope

I tried to do a pathfinder with Kangaroo and it seems to work… almost.
This one is Galapagos version, but I don’t think I did it correctly?

I am trying to get from point A to B with a min distance and min slope. Results are not convincing.
The road / path when going up the hill should start meandering, but not going too far away.

I basically trying to achieve something like shown on the image?

Thank you for help (190.9 KB)

I have tried with using Geodesic Line and less points than your file (it’s kind of heavy in my laptop).
I am also interested in other’s thought.

Edit : Cull duplicate in the middle of the definition makes logical error after several minutes of run. Cutting 6 points into 4 points. (195.2 KB)

Hi @alphadog278

Yes, I tried it as well. And I tried using curve on surface component with just 2 control points. It looks better and smooth. But not the way road will be designed :thinking:

I am trying to do it in Kangaroo as well (in parallel) if you are interested Min/Max Slope Pathfinder in Kangaroo

Maybe @DavidRutten have an idea ? approach to try.:wink:
Thank you in advance