Objects Reversed in Viewer


(Jon Richings) #1

I doubt this is a bug, just a newbie mistake but I can’t figure it out. I created a simple model of a picture frame for a TV. It includes the frame, the case of the TV and the glass of the TV. They all have different depths relative to each other. And a simple wall and floor as a stage. This is what they look like in Rhino (GH generated):


But when loaded into SD the objects are all reversed relative to the stage:

I can give you a link to the view or the .gh file if it helps.

(Mathieu Huard) #2

That looks odd and doesn’t sound like a problem we’ve encountered before.
If you could send you .gh file that would indeed be useful for tracking the issue.

(Jon Richings) #3

Sure, here you go…TV Frame 1.gh (78.0 KB)

As I said it’ far more likely something dumb that I’ve done since I’m new to GH as well as SD, but it might be a gotcha that is worth mentioning in this forum.