Objects Reversed in Viewer

I doubt this is a bug, just a newbie mistake but I can’t figure it out. I created a simple model of a picture frame for a TV. It includes the frame, the case of the TV and the glass of the TV. They all have different depths relative to each other. And a simple wall and floor as a stage. This is what they look like in Rhino (GH generated):


But when loaded into SD the objects are all reversed relative to the stage:

I can give you a link to the view or the .gh file if it helps.

That looks odd and doesn’t sound like a problem we’ve encountered before.
If you could send you .gh file that would indeed be useful for tracking the issue.

Sure, here you go…TV Frame 1.gh (78.0 KB)

As I said it’ far more likely something dumb that I’ve done since I’m new to GH as well as SD, but it might be a gotcha that is worth mentioning in this forum.

Hey, your object is working properly, it is modelled in wrong way. In the first picture if you look closely it is already reversed!
Just to check it I have downloaded your file and it is confirmed:

So you need to update your gh definitione and it should work :slight_smile:
What is tricky is that when you mix transparent objects with textured objects in gh viewer they become really hard to distinguish their position. I personally texture everything with some easy texture like grid just to see how the objects are working, and then later put real textures:

This way I can see what is the orientation and scale of each texture easily

Thanks for your input mateus! Jon does that seem to solve your issue? Sorry I didn’t get to look at your model yet.

Yes, thanks guys. I am still not quite sure what was going on there but you must be right. I moved my gh file on a long way since my first post and I can’t reproduce it now. So maybe it was just an optical illusion caused by the weirdness of transparent objects as Mateusz says. And thanks for the tip Mateusz for experimenting with textures before making anything transparent.