Objects Not Visible on Shapediver


I am trying to upload my GH model into Shapediver. All the objects are fine and visible in Rhino but once I uploaded into Shapediver, only some objects are visible.
I’ve tried to convert them into meshes and also graft and flatten them but nothing works.

Any idea how to fix this?

I uploaded the model below.

Pavillion Param Shapediver.gh (1.9 MB)

Are you developing your model using Rhino 6 or Rhino 7? Most likely your account is linked to our shared Rhino 6 system. Please let me know your username, or send a link to a model of yours, then we can check.

I ma using Rhino 7.

Here’s the link to my model:

We can switch your account to the Rhino 7 system until the end of your subscription. Please let me know your username.

My username is WoodWind.
Thank you for switching my account.

It has been updated, please try again.