Objects Not Visible on Shapediver


I am trying to upload my GH model into Shapediver. All the objects are fine and visible in Rhino but once I uploaded into Shapediver, only some objects are visible.
I’ve tried to convert them into meshes and also graft and flatten them but nothing works.

Any idea how to fix this?

I uploaded the model below.

Pavillion Param Shapediver.gh (1.9 MB)

Are you developing your model using Rhino 6 or Rhino 7? Most likely your account is linked to our shared Rhino 6 system. Please let me know your username, or send a link to a model of yours, then we can check.

I ma using Rhino 7.

Here’s the link to my model:

We can switch your account to the Rhino 7 system until the end of your subscription. Please let me know your username.

My username is WoodWind.
Thank you for switching my account.

It has been updated, please try again.

Thanks a lot! It works now