Objects are jumping around

My example is a Va Curtain Wall but my collegue experiences is from time to time with nonVaobjects.

Hi @djhg, if you experience this problem again, please send us the model so we can test it out.

I’ve shared another drop box folder with you, it contains the object from the example gif on the link above, it’s been made red. Just look for the 3d modelled bay window.

Hi @djhg thanks for the file. We can reproduce the error so I’ll get back to you when we fix it.

Thanks. Do I need to double check all my mirroring, or only Va Objects, or only curtain walls?

To clarify my question - is this issue specific to VisualArq objects only?

Hi @djhg, as far as we are aware, this bug does not happen with any other VisualARQ object. If it does, please let us know!

Do you mean it is only a problem with this one object in particular or with curtain walls in general?

This bug might happen only with that particular curtain wall object in your particular file. I mean, try to apply the mirror command on curtain walls in other files, and you will see it works well. We still need to figure out the reason of this error. I’ll keep you posted.

THanks. It did happen on other elements on that project. Likely they were all curtain wall elements.

@djhg this bug has been fixed in VisualARQ 2.6 version, that has been just published: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.6 released

Dear Francesc,

I’m currently using the VisualARQ 2.7 version, I’m facing the similar issue when Mirror the object (column: use a block in model) and it ended with slightly rotated to an inaccurate position. Is there a way to solve this issue? Thanks

Hi @djlee55, please send the file to visualarq@asuni.com so we can reproduce this error and fix it.

Hi Francesc,

I just send you the files via email thanks