Jumping Objects

Both I (Rhino 6) and my colleague (Rhino 5) are having an experience where the previewed (and correct) position of a newly mirrored object is not reproduced. When the command is executed, the object jumps several increments to an inaccurate position.

Is this a known bug?

My example is a Va Curtain Wall but my collegue experiences is from time to time with nonVaobjects.

maybe is for the record history, have you tried HistoryPurge = All, before mirroring?

Hello - I have not heard of this - if it is repeatable, it would be good to have the blow by blow.


It’s just an ordinary mirror operation.

Mirror>Select Object>Select axis point 1>select axis point two>enter: object displays in the correct position for an instant after “enter” before moving to a final incorrect position.

Can you supply a 3dm file and instructions to repeat this?

Yes. The instructions above don’t clarify?

Thanks, but all that does is lose my associated hatches. (Just tried it.)

I’ve uploaded the file. The piece of VaCurtainWall and the axis around which I’m mirroring in the example above have been changed to display in red and should be visible in the top view in modelspace.

When I open the file, it is missing two linked files from your E: drive and an image file. I assume they are not important.

Here is what I see when I open the file in the Top viewport:

It’s clear to me what I’m supposed to be using for Mirror to try to duplicate the issue.
Can you please clarify?

The red object has a red line beside it. Please try to mirror the object around the line. The Va people recreated the issue, but my colleague without Va has it happen also occasionally, on other objects.