Object Sort by name and a list

In the attached example, I’d like to sort a list based on object names (or numbers if that’s the only way) from a library of Breps. In this example I have four types of objects in the library.
So the idea is that I have a few standard types of objects and need to place them at an exact location in a row. Each location is assigned with one specific object name that is derived from the list in the ‘Panel’ component.

In the attached Grasshopper script, I have used the ‘Combine Data’ component to show my idea. But of course, this is not the component that does the job that I need.

My question is whether you have an idea for a solution, as I don’t know how to do this.

Thank you in advance.

Grasshopper Sort.3dm (360.4 KB)
Grasshopper Sort.gh (9.2 KB)

Here is a solution using Elefront 4.3 to bake the Breps with Names then Reference said Breps.

Activate the Bake component and refresh the definition.

Re_Grasshopper Sort.gh (12.1 KB)


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FSim (Find similar member)

Grasshopper Sort_2022Oct27aa.gh (14.4 KB)

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You can use the native Grasshopper component called Object Details to retrieve object properties from referenced Rhino geometry…

Grasshopper Sort.gh (22.3 KB)

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Dear Japhy,
Thank you very much for your efforts on offering me a solution with the EleFront plugin.
For now, I’ll use @Joseph_Oster 's solution, but it is very nice that you pointed me to the EleFront plugin again. It might be very useful for other applications.
I feel grateful.

Dear Joseph,
Thank you for your beautiful solution and your willingness to spend time on supporting me again.
I’ll implement your solution and feel very grateful.
Also I saw on your website that you’re into proa’s. As a naval architect and sailor, I like them a lot and have sailed a big one in NL a couple of years ago.

Dear Martin,
It is so nice that you offer another solution for my question. I’ll investigate it at a later time because I can learn from it a lot.
Thank you very much and I hope you also receive my gratitude.

Thanks for the reply. In addition to the solution with the native components I’d also suggest EleFront, especially when you start baking geometry with attributes.