[Need Assistent] - Parallel Sorting 2 Lists


I need help at sorting my Data.

In the Screenshot u can see 2 Panels.

Panel “Brep 1-25”: are all imported Breps from Rhino, in this example A-Z, in real they all have only the same Name “Referenced Brep”

In Panel “Layername”: u can see the Layernames from each Brep. Each Brep has his own different Layer.

The Layer “XP-14” for example is the Layer from Brep “A”. U can see it in the Panel “Merged”.

Now i am trying to sort the List from “XP-01” to “XP-28”. But the Panel List from the Breps need also be sorted in the same way.

Would be great if anyone has some ideas.

Thanks for your time !

some idea… plug your brep list in A on the “sort List” node

Thanks, but:
Now i have a text, and i cant use it as a input for “Deconstruct Brep” or other Components.

not sure what you mean by “now I have a text” ?

you already have text in the layernames, but as I understand you need sorting by the layername numbers, so you need them in clean formatting which is what I suggest.

so actually you have numbers now not text.

you can simply plug your brep list in A and sort it along…

btw. posting .gh helps!

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@Michael34 You have the leading zero in your Layername, so you can directly just use “Sort Text” component. In the Values input the Breps, so they get sorted accordingly.

SortText.gh (12.3 KB)

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Here are the files, inside the .“GH” file are some more information at the Components.
(Dont use the “Asbuilt” Lines, they are only a example for the second list i have to have a overview of my data, they have the correct order. U can find the results in the Panels from Asbuilt)

Sorting_Problem_01.gh (30.1 KB)
Sorting_Problem_01.3dm (1.9 MB)

But then i can only work with the text, the row Data = Curves, Breps are gone.
Would be great to have a way to order 2 lists of 25 Branches in the same way, with the text information inside one of the Lists.

thanks Toni, in deed that is working directly on the text.

Michael, like this?

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Should be this simple.

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Could this be a way ?
And thanks for all the help to all !
I need to sort “Trees … Branches” of Objects not only text


As simple as this.

Sorting happens BASED on text, values can be any kind of data.
You cannot graft to branches if you sort, as otherwise sorting happens per branch. …and each branch has only one object.