Geometry List indicees numbering from Rhino to GH

Dear Rhino / Grasshopper community,

I need a little help.
I have per example a collect of multiple surfaces in Rhino.
Is it possible to insert a numbering for each surface in Rhino which then the same numbering is recognized by the indexes of a list in grasshopper, inserting them as multiple breps?

Thanks in advance

Sort of, but it would definitely be easier with some custom scripting.
You can assign a name to each of your Rhino objects which contains some sort of indexer value. Then you generate that same list of names in Grasshopper as text. You can convert a textual string into a Guid (Grasshopper will search for an object with the given name in the Rhino document) and then convert that Guid into a Surface.

In the attached files, the names are as simple as possible. They’re just increasing integer values.
Surfaces.3dm (60.3 KB) (9.2 KB)

Thanks for the precious help mr. Rutten

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Dear @DavidRutten,

I noticed, if the layers of the geometries to which I gave a name to make it recognized by the ID in Grasshopper, are turned off in Rhino, the ID component does not recognize the geometries when I start the GH file.
In that case I have to activate the layer and recompute the GH file.
Would there be a way to get the ID recognized, even if the geometry is turned off in Rhino?

I used Rhino 6

Thanks in advance

Elefront is excellent for this type of workflow. There are numerous examples on the forum, if you have something specific you would like illustrated post your file.

You can reference and sort by all sorts of rhino properties, or create your own (user text)

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Thanks dear @Rickson, this solve the problem!!

Thank you very much for your help.


dear @Rickson,
thanks again to show me Elefront.

I have a question.
Is possible to re-sort the indicees of the imported geometry from Rhino, based to the increasing numbering on their name attribute?

Floor_Example.3dm (225.4 KB) (14.6 KB) !

Thanks and Greetings

I am missing some of your plugins, but you can use Text Split, then Sort. Connect A to the geometry, rather than the panel, as I have shown.

Hi @Adam_M, thanks for the help,

but I need to resort a brep list, not a text list.

Yeah. Connect your brep list to the A input of sort.

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I’m sorry, I was not careful.
Thanks for the precious help Adam.