Object snaps after MergeAllCoplanarFaces

This is in reference to https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-61476 .

As the image below shows, after _MergeAllCoplanarFaces, the snaps on the arc edge reflect the split-face brep.

Also notice that the linear edge on the bottom is still split in 2. This also occurs in V5 and V6.

MergeAllCoplanarFaces_after_RH-61476.3dm (60.8 KB)

Hello - for colinear edges this is better now - the current build find the ‘mid’ of the lower edge as expected, but edges that are not lines still suffer.


Hi @pascal ,

unluckily this still happens. It happened to me yesterday: I joined a series of opened surfaces into a closed one. And on the resulting surface, the command MergeAllCoplanarFaces was applied. The resulting solid was affected by this problem: too many snap points or better snap points inherited by the former surfaces.

i.e. midpoint of edges were not in the correct position, as they were the midpoints of the original single surfaces.

If you need other info or a solid affected by this problem, just ask!
Have a good day.

: Gian :

Does running _MergeAllEdges on the object help any?

Hello @Helvetosaur

it was the second thing I tried: unluckyly no. It doesn’t help.

To get the desired object snap behavior:

  1. _MergeAllEdges
  2. _Explode the polysurface or _ExtractSrf the problem surfaces
  3. _RebuildEdges the problem surfaces

This works because polycurves object snap differently than nurbs curves, and _RebuildEdges makes edge curves the latter when the edges curves start as polycurves. _MergeAllEdges creates polycurves for the merges.

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Ok, nice info: I will give it a try!

Anyways, I reckon that this is a bug that should be corrected.

Meanwhile, thank you @spb for your workaround!