Object not planar

can someone tell me why this object is not planar?
I created a 3 points plane…

Object not planar.gh (27.8 KB)

Thank´s for your support

or is it possible to get the plane from rhino into grasshopper?

Most of the objects i checked in that definition are planar, maybe a tolerance thing? I opened with small objects - Millimeters template

Also it is not clear at all from your file and description what object you actually mean, can you re-iterate your question in more detail?

Sorry it is planar, but the edge of the object in the middle is not 90 degree. And the holes in the object are not 90 degree to the object. Do you understand my problem?

Did some fixes on your file, showing you how to extract the plane of a curve and also how to construct the planes for your drillings on your curve.
I don’t have HumanUI so those components are no longer in the file

Object not planar.gh (21.2 KB)

Oh sorry i internalised all Humans now. The Brep i set on in Grasshopper is in Rhino every time free in the world. So my problem is also that the curve i put on should have very time an offset inside the curve. At the moment the curve make sometimes an offset inside and sometimes outside. In this new file i get the edges 90 degree to the surface. But i think thats not the best way for it.Object not planar.gh (31.8 KB)

I don’t understand what this means.

To avoid this you can create two offsets, one with positive and one with negative direction, comapre their areas, and pick the smaller one

Also look at the definition i uploaded earlier, the way you create your plane is not good. I show a more consistent way

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thank you it works :slight_smile: