Aligning Points to Make Planar Mesh Quads

I have a mesh of a bust and I’m trying to make some of the mesh faces planar quads by using the align command (to plane, 3 point) on one vertices of a triangle to make it coplanar an adjacent triangle. Once two adjacent faces are aligned and logically coplanar, I merge the faces/delete their dividing edge. (12.9 KB)
Bust_Working03.3dm (2.8 MB)

After I get a mesh of all planar faces, I’d like to offset their boundary curves, extrude the curves, and punch holes through a solid via Boolean Difference.

The problem comes in when I use the OffsetCurve command in Grasshopper.
It claims that the boundary curve of this mesh face is not planar even though planarity analysis says the quad is planar.

I’ve gotten this to work the other day, but I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong now…

I’m guessing it’s something to do with tolerances and how each command reads face/curve planarity?

Running Rhino 7 on an Apple Silicon Mac
This is my first forum post, so please let me know if I’m doin any forum stuff wrong, thanks!

As the error reports, you can provide the curve plane to make the offset component work. (10.2 KB)

There might be easier ways to achieve what you’re looking for. Here I’m using Weaverbird’s Picture Frame component. (6.6 KB)

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Curve plane works perfectly, thank you!
I’ll have to check out the weaver bird picture frame component, seems a lot simpler… I thought I was being clever with the basics.

I still wonder why the offset curve component thought the curve was not planar.

Thanks again Mahdiyar!