Object hierarchies

I’m looking to get into creating objects in hierarchies. The main reason I want to do this is so I can easily apply materials and animate. If the object is divided in a hierarchy then I can apply materials and animate each individual object in the hierarchy separately. This will make it easier than skinning the mesh to bones and animating that way. It will also make it easier when applying materials because I won’t have to select surfaces I can just change the material.

How do you create object hierarchies that are ready to export to blender.

What format are you using to get to Blender? I doubt you can arrange things exactly as needed in Blender though. The only thing that Rhino has that resembles what I think you are asking about is Blocks, but I doubt that info will transfer.


I got some tutorial videos. I’m not through watching them all yet. I was hoping maybe they would show objects being made using different sub objects but nothing yet. I don’t even have the program installed yet.

The tutorials are good and I’m learning a lot. Polylines and segments. B-Splines. Extrusion, lofting, curve networks and sweeps. Pan, rotate, and zoom. Solid primitives. Viewports. Automated curves. Nudging. Units. Layers. Interface. Control points. Explode and join.

And some other things that I don’t remember what they’re called but I remember how to describe them. One of them involved taking curves and creating a surface, a lot like capping off a cylinder or making a plane out of a rectangle. The other made grid planes in several ways, the grid planes resemble the grid in the viewports.

I’m sure theres stuff that I missed too.

Theres a lot more videos I have to watch. I’ll list everything that I learned. If parent objects with children that are exported is not on that list then I guess I’m beat. Although not totally because there are ways I can divide my object in blender.

You can use layers, possibly - they are hierarchical in Rhino. but I don’t know how that translates to Blender. Also, you can Join mesh objects that are disjoint, which may help - (e.g. two separate mesh boxes can be joined)


My concern is that I want it to be easier once I get inside of blender. If my objects that I created are separate then I won’t have to spend time selecting surfaces and applying materials. Nor will I have to use bones to animate.

Keep in mind that OBJ export, if that is what you are using, can join objects according to name.


It might be as simple as creating my object as different pieces and exporting and parenting in blender.

I’ll then apply materials and animate, or render as textures… then export to unity.