Object details in Rhino 8


Is there an alternative to ‘Object Details’ in Rhino8. I’ve created a script in Rhino7, and I just updated to the new version. I’m a bit confused, beacuse the script I’ve created in Rhino7 works perfectly, but it seems like I can’t put the ‘Object Details’ component on the canvas from the grasshopper that starts in Rhino8. I guess I’m able to copy from another script. What is the reason for that? Is there an alternative? Thank you!

Try elefront…

Upload gh file and explain your goals and the errors you’re getting, maybe?

We would need to see the definition to see what is not working. It is difficult to see why.

There is a potential alternative. In Rhino 8 there is a new set of components to deal with Rhino objects, new data types and a Content Cache. It allows Rhino objects to flow thru a Grasshopper script with their attributes. It is not just a simple plug and play though. It probably would completely change the definition.

One thing you may want to consider is replacing the Geometry Pipeline with the newer Query Model Objects component. The Geometry Pipeline component only returns the raw geometry… but this geometry doesn’t contain any object attributes. If you use the Query Model Objects, it works very similarly but the objects it returns also contains the attribute information on each object.