Obj(+texture) to Point Cloud?

Hi all,

Just curious, for now through RIR is there anyway to bring OBJ (+texture material) to Revit?

I’ve tried with Point Cloud but the density is not enough plus the new version of Revit limits the Point Cloud formats to only RCP and RCS…

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Hi all,

Just wondering if its possible,
is there a way to convert obj mesh + texture to Point Cloud file?
I try to import it to Revit…

TEST.3dm (833.0 KB)
TEST.obj (129.7 KB)
TEST mtl file.zip (314 Bytes)
TEST-texture.zip (193.3 KB)

Answer is CloudCompare (freeware). Download from here: CloudCompare - Open Source project

Short Tutorial about that:


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Hi @ctu6,

Why do you need this?
What kind of workflow would this enable?

Hi @kike

Our team is thinking of putting surrounding context mesh into rvt for rough rendering purpose, as for early presentation/study stage.

I’ve tried Point Cloud, but 1.Point Cloud can’t be render and 2.The point’s density obviously not enough for such wide range.

I forgot to upload the bitmap, it has been updated in the first thread.

Here I try to brought it into Revit by using DirectShape and assign material.
But the mapping seems need a lot of work…

Hi Ctu6, Direct Shape and Family Forms aren’t suitable for controlling various UV directions.