Mesh to Revit - somethings wrong

Hi all,
i’m new of RhinoInside, i’m trying to use this “great car” on some modelling from point cloud.
I have a mesh defined from obj defined by uas with reality capture.
It’s great data but i have to purge from some inconsistent data, i would like to export to rhino, purge it and then reimport in revit,

First part is ok, i have the mesh in Rhino and i can make modifications but i have some problems to reimport for some reasons i can’t select mesh, do someone can help me to find the problem?

This is the graph for import from rhino, it works with rhino primitives.
Thanks a lot

a brep isn’t a mesh, try using a mesh component to select the mesh geometry.

Be wary of the scale of your drawing, that has an affect on importing into Revit, by the looks of it Revit might not like that mesh, but worth a shot.

Thanks Japhy, i know it’s a little bit hard for Revit working with this kind of geometry, but this mesh as already defined using dynamo from obj so i think the process with rhino and grasshopper shouldn’t be so different…i’m trying to be optimist
Can you show me what component i have to use (or a similar graph) to select the mesh in Rhino? i’m trying to simplify the geometry so Revit can feed on it…

Pcampa, I’ve found the exported geometry from Revit doesn’t always have the ability to come straight back, most likely due to tolerance differences and Revits internal geometry engine vs export.

A mesh capsule will allow you to select a Rhino mesh.