Rhino inside PointClouds

Hey Kike,

I have been trying out the Rhino inside for revit and it works great. However, the functions to import a point cloud from revit (even partially) would be really helpfull.

I’ve been implementing it myself but no luck so far.


Hi Maarten,

Could you share a model that contains a point cloud with me?
What kind of integration are you trying to achieve?

Un saludo,

I coded a first component and it works now. I will push the code to the main repository for you to check and improve. Unfortunately, Revit limits the number of points to 1000000 since they use a third party engine.

Currently im working on a second component that performs a per object segmentation. Do you take care of the icons and stuff? :slight_smile:

Right now I recommend you to use the C# Script components to prototype your code.
This way you don’t need to do any icon :wink:

PointCloud.GetPoints.gh (14.1 KB)