Obj export of high polys

When exporting high polys as obj files I always get a garbage export. Didn’t have the issue in V5. It seems to double the data. For example a 30mb mesh will export to 60mb. STL works fine, maybe I can use FBX if I want to save groups. Anyways just wondering if there is a setting in the OBJ export menu causing this or some other thing. Thanks

Hello - if the objects are surfaces in Rhino, what are the settings used in V5 and 6 to generate the meshes? Can you post a screen shot of the meshing settings in each?


They are not, that export is fine, it is usually high poly object meshes brought in from zbrush. Whatever was changed on obj export between v5 and v6, Obj export is fried. I’ve tried all setting combinations.


What does this mean, exactly? Purely the large file size, or something else?


Its like the model data is saved twice but you only get one copy rendered when it is opened. But when you go to work on it other programs it will behave oddly as if there is a double copy there. Let me make a 30mb square in mesh mixer or something simple and I’ll link it over.