NVIDIA settings Quadro 2000

Hey guys

Here is my basic setup for Windows 7 (64bit):
Quadro 2000
i7 3820

Im having trouble getting a smooth display while running Rhino 3D with the above configuration. From what Ive heard the Quadro should give extremely smooth display quality for 3D modelling applications, however even with files <100MB and <10,000 polyfaces and polysurfaces, Rhino display and orbitting etc start to get slightly laggy.

Could someone suggest why this is happening?

Maybe I could optimize my settings through the NVIDIA control settings for this particular configuration but I have no idea what the best settings would be? I know that the same file on other computers doesnt run so laggy even with inferior graphic cards. Looking around at forums available I switched my NVIDIA profile to Dynamic Work Station but the results are no different.

I spent a lot on the computer but feel its not delivering as it should.

Any help would be great!


Have you checked to make sure your computer is set up for Rhino to use the Quadro instead of the on-board Intel graphics? It’s been so long since I dealt with this issue that I’ve forgotten the details, buts it’s a setting in the Nvidia driver. I’m nowhere near a computer with a setup like yours, so I can’t try it out.

Have a look at this:

Thanks for the quick responses AIW and _Brock

Yes I have already refered to the nvidiainfo mcneel page and adjusted my profile for Dynamic Streaming settings but still no change

I have also made sure that NVIDIA is being used by Rhino and not the onboard GPU.

Is there anywhere else I could look? I think Ive gone through pretty much every pop-blog and discussion forum regarding this but nothing seems to work. Am I just holding high expectations?


I would deinstall all graphic drivers and after a restart I would install the latest driver again. Best, install the needed drivers only, not all the Nvida stuff, if not needed.

Hey Micha

Thanks for the suggestion

I will try that soon and let you know of any changes!



You may download this to uninstall intel HD driver.
I tried this. Works perfect on my machine. You will have to restart the computer. It’s an automatic process.

The software will download automatically when you open the website.



Because Rhino’s graphic setting can still be overridden, you might want to check your system default graphic settings, and make sure you aren’t running too much anti-aliasing or especially anisotropic filtering, which won’t help you are looking down long lengths of textured surfaces.

Whispers: Quadro cards are traditionally similar to gamer GPUs, but with ECC ram and specialized drivers. Unless you need CUDA/OpenCl accuracy, the triangles don’t care which card they are drawn on.

It might be time for an upgrade, as even a $150 GTX 750ti will have your card for lunch.

(Said by Chief Brody: You are going to need a bigger boat.)

That little f%$#@ card is nipping at the heels of my GTX 570, too.