Nurbs through points doesn't have even spacing

Not sure what the “seams” actually are but I’m extruding a nurbs curve and there are vertical lines spanning the extrusion from each input point except seemingly the points second from the end:

This causes inconsistent spacing when I bring the surface into lunchbox. (11.2 KB)

yep, that’s the “game of Parameters” :smiley:

in a line you expect Parameter “t” to flow the very same way the curve length flows, but in nurbs curve that is not the way it necessarily works (20.6 KB)

in the A curve (curve domain 0 to 16) points are at parameter 0,4,8,12,16
the B curve is divided into 4 parts
you can clearly see the A curve is not evenly divided even if the parameters are sharp and correct
at the same time you can see the parameters at which the curve B is evenly divided

here’s are two awesome ancient but on spot posts from David Rutten himself from his blog:


Paneling tools for grasshopper allows spacing beyond consistent surface parameterization.

Here is a post about it:


Would I be better off doing something with perp frames and even Y spacing?

Also, how would I translate those divisions into custom U spacing for Lunchbox?

this is the first thing that comes to my mind, probably there are much simpler ways (17.2 KB)

More than Lunchbox I would go for Paneling Tools as adviced by Scott

Thank you, this is pretty great.

Is what you shared made with panelingtools? it says on food4rhino that panelingtools ships with rhino.

Thank you again.

there’s no Paneling Tools in that definition, but you can get there (and also do other awesome stuff) with that plugin :+1: I’d strongly advice to give it a try (in Rhino type PackageManager then search for “Paneling Tools” and it should install)