Joined Curve Segments Doesn't Reparameterize Uniformly

Continuing on the post “Not all Curves are Joined” I still have problems with reperameterizing the long and short curve segments.

The parameterization doesn’t result in evenly spaced curve points when doing Evaluate Points along the joined curve. Points are closer on the short (vertical) curve segments, like so:

How can I get even distribution of points along the joined curve? (19.6 KB)

// Rolf

could be rebuilding it (23.8 KB)

Unless you rebuild into degree=1 nurbs curves the parameterisation will never be constant. Nurbs curves just don’t do that. If you want to divide a curve into equal segments, then you must use the Divide Curve component which relies on a incredible boatload of code to do what it does. The core problem is that there’s no analytic way to measure the length of a nurbs curve, or find a point on the nurbs curve a specific length along it. It’s all approximations and iterations and zero-finders.

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Thank you Erick, that is good enough for my needs.

// Rolf