Nurbs surface reconstruction

I’m a novice in nurbs surface reconstruction. I want to realize a closed nurbs surface from “stl” file format. The stl file includes approximately about 200’000 points. I can use other libraries doing some simplification to decrease the number of points.
But then how should I do ? I can use rhino to transform stl to 3dm. So I can import myfile.
Is there any example doing this?

Many thanks!

There is no easy or simple way to convert a mesh to an accurate NURBS curves.

I recommend you search this site for “reverse engineering.” You will find lot of tips to help you move forward.

Fine……the least_square_minization method is in opennurbs file?

I don’t believe the openNURBS toolkit provides anything like this. Why do you need it? What problem are you trying to solve?

– Dale