NURBS Surface from Level Curves


Does OpenNURBS or RhinoSDK provide any algorithm to convert a list of curves (these are level curves) into a NURBS surface?

Thank you.

Hi Sunayana,

Can you post a sample 3dm file that contains your curves? If you were using just Rhino commands, what would you do?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thanks for your response. I am attaching the 3dm file with the level curves, I wanted to create a single NURBS surface from these curves, would you know of a way to use the curves to directly do this.
This is how the original stl file looks like

Thanks and Regards,

pipeL-curves.3dm (149 KB)

In looking at your model, I would probably Loft curves together to create the shapes. I would probably not use most of the intermediate shape curves, as they will just make a more complex surface than needed. And because of the sharp crease, I would run two loft operations - one for each direction.

Have you tried using Rhino’s Loft command?

Hi Dale,

Sorry for the delay, and thank you for the idea of lofting. It works pretty well for this surface. I will try it on more organic shapes and get back to you in case I get stuck.