Creating a surface or brep from nurbs curve

Hi all,

I am trying to create surfaces or breps from curves but not sure how I do that.
I am creating a curve from a bunch of points and then turning it into a nurbs curve.

for coord in geometry["rings"][0]:
      point = rh.Point3d(coord[0], coord[1], 0)
  polyline = rh.Polyline(points)
  curve = polyline.ToNurbsCurve()


Hi @Rivindu_Bandara1,

If you were just using Rhino, how would you do this?


– Dale

Hi @dale,

In rhino I would use edgesrf, patch or an extrudecrv. In grasshopper I would use boundary surfaces but I havent found anything similar in the rhino3dm docs.


rhino3dm is a subset of what is available in Rhino that we make available for reading, writing, and creating Rhino objects and data. Some advanced surface creation tools, meshing, booleans, etc are not available in rhino3dm. You could create a ruled surface from two curves:

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Hi @fraguada,

This is useful, but a majority of the surfaces I am trying to generate are complex shapes with multiple curves. My current workflow includes rhino compute and a simple gh script which turns the curves into surfaces. Unfortunately this takes too long on certain tasks and was hoping there was a rhino3dm solution.