Nurbs object tesselation

Hey Rhino forums,

This is my first post here. I got an issue with how some of my nurbs models are displayed.
Some objects are rendered/shown in a very low-poly way, jagged edges etc.

I usually fix this by re-tesselating the objects in Keyshot before doing final renders. Now i work with the Enscape plugin for Rhino and i dont have that option. Is there any way to fix this within Rhino?

Most posts i found regarding this topic are about mesh modeling. Id like to keep my models nurbs.

The curve used to build the surfaces is relatively clean.

I found some plugin which might do the job, but its quite costly.

The object looks good. I think it’s just an issue of the display settings. You can find the display settings in the options toolbox and increase the quality of the display.

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Hi @o66i4
Take a look at your render mesh settings :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob


Thanks for the help @keshavanarayan82 and @keshavanarayan82.

It was indeed the render mesh settings.

Interestingly the render mesh settings also change the saved and exported mesh, unlike in other softwares, where the display settings are disconnected from the stored file.

I found some settings which work for me, though it is quite performance hungry:

The model precision looks alright to me now:

Thanks again, have a nice day!