Nudge in Rhino 7 Bug

Hi there!

I have noticed a strange bug in Rhino 7 regarding the nudge command. It seems that whatever window you select the object to nudge in is the window it will nudge the object, regardless if you switch to a different view. For example; if I select an object in the top few, then switch to the front view to nudge the object down, the operation will happen as though I were still moving the object down in from the top view.

Unless there is a setting I am not aware of, this seems rather odd and did not happen in previous version of rhino.

Maybe someone knows of a solution rather than a weird work around please let me know!


You probably have your nudge settings set to “World coordinates”. Go to Options > Modeling Aids > Nudge and set it to “CPlane”.

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@Helvetosaur actually it seems to be broken, I can confirm this behavior, I checked that setting too, thought it was set to World


It is set to Cplane and this is still the case.

Thank you for the suggestion though!

Just checked, also set to Cplane and problem persists.

Yes, you’re right, it does definitely appear to be broken. You can force viewport/CPlane correct behavior by unselecting the object and then re-selecting it in the desired view, but that is not how it should work.


Attn: @pascal

Hi All- I believe this is a side effect of

RH-53953 Nudge: Supports moving objects along Gumball axes

the behavior was changed across the board as it were and not as an option…


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So, ONE SINGLE PERSON requested this and it was simply changed on that basis???

While I wasn’t the person that requested this change, I think it is now is quite intuitive. As someone who uses the Gumball a LOT, I have hotkeys to orient the Gumball to World, C-Plane, Object or View. I like Nudge for back and forth moving of points and the ability to move along Gumball axes is vital for my work.

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That depends on the person. For me “Intuitive” is that it works relative to the View (i.e. CPlane) for EVERYTHING that I select in any view regardless of where the Gumball happens to be positioned on those objects.


I agree, I was quite happy with how it used to work. Sometimes I have to pick a different view to select an object as I often build things with many components and they become impossible to sort out in the view I need to move them in.

These two behaviours could totally be an option in the settings

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It still messed with me, even though I know that it does this.

I agree… Having this an an option would be really nice. So many times I need to select something that is simply not visible in the other view.