Not run trim, split, and boolean commands

Explain why the trim, split, and boolean commands do not run on polysurfaces “a” as opposed to “b”. What is the error and how to fix it?

a vs b.3dm (264.5 KB)

Hello - the difference is that the objects in a do not intersect cleanly - they have large areas of overlap/near coincidence and this makes it hard to impossible to locate a clean curve of intersection ,necessary for the operations you mention. Use the Intersect (in a Wireframe view) command on these objects - that will give you an idea where things do not work well. Intersect is a tolerance based calculation though, so by setting file tolerance to maybe .0001 in DocumentProperties > Units. you may get a decent curve from Intersect.


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Thanks, Pascal. You’re great. After setting the new tolerance parameters, the intersection curve was obtained. Then cut out the bottom part and painted again. That was good. I wish there was a better way to do it.