Not possible to align two objects


I’m doing this tutorial (ring with text).

At 3’30 of the video I need to align the text with the outline. I read all the guide about “align” option but I did’nt find solution.

When I applied the process mentioned in the video or in the “Align” guide, both outline and text move along X but didn’t snapped.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hello - Align would be in Y in the front viewport. SetPt > World Z only would also work.


Thanks for answer but I don’t know to configure these two parameters “Align” and “SetPt” as you mentioned.
How to do this ?
Thanks again.

Hello- run Align in the Front view and set the command line to align ‘HorizontalCenter’ (= along Y in that view).

Run SetPt, set for World Z only - then it does not matter what view you are working in. Because the objects are planar in WorldXY saetting the Z will not deform them - with non planar objects this would not work.


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With “Align”, no command line worked :thinking: but I noticed fortuitously by changing “World” by “CPlanes” in “AlignTo” that it worked, and with both command line “HorizontalCenter” and “Top” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Conversely, if I used “SetPt”, it only worked with “World”.
Can you please explain to me what is going on ?
I searched for tutorials on CPlanes but none of the one I found were very clear or suitable for beginners.
ps : “CPlanes” is written at the bottom left on the window I use for this object, and seems automatically set in each new file
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Please see the Level 1 training. What it sounds like might be going on is that you’re not aware of what CPlane is actually active when you run your align command so it’s not doing what you expect.

@JimCarruthers Indeed, I’m beginner with Rhino and used Blender before.
But what “Level 1 training” means ? Is there a link for this ?

It’s on this page…

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Hi @JimCarruthers @pascal
I didn’t find the tutorial on CPlanes on the above link but I found others. Rhight now I only understood that CPlanes allow to set/change the origin and orientation in a viewport, and may be different from the world. I saw some examples in the tutorials (rotation, orientation of a CPlane based on the faces of an object , save CPlanes …) , but I need more practice to do more with this. I also didn’t find information on this option
I also watched other tutorials with “Align”. This option seems not difficut to use, and it is, but for beginners, no information is avaiblable on the link between plane setting and Align command.

That option only controls whether the coordinates you see in the corner are in world or active CPlane coordinates.

The Level 1 manual has a whole section talking about Cplanes and how they relate to views.

@JimCarruthers Not easy but I found it :sweat: , the example of the chair is very clear.

It is written that (default configuration) :

  • the x- and y-axes of the Top CPlane are the same as the x- and y-axes of the world.
  • the x- and y-axes of the Right CPlane are the same as the y- and z-axes of the world.
  • the x- and y-axes of the Face CPlan are the same as the x- and z-axes of the world.

and to align the outline (object) and the text (object) along Z axis, I needed to select the Right view or the Face view, and to select “AlignTo:CPlane” with “HorizontalCenter” or “Top” (both worked) in the command line.


  • I understand that selection of “CPlane” in that case means to use the Right view or the Face view as a default CPlane orthogonal to world (x,y). Is that correct ?
  • I don’t understand why Z axis in the Perspective view can’t be used to do this, this seems not very intuitive.

ps : another way to do this, it seems that moving the outline (object) along Z axis and chose “End” in “objects snap” worked to align the objects