Not allowed to set "by layer" per face color

Anyone know what could cause this?

GIF 2021-10-01 11-37-45

by-layer-color.3dm (533.6 KB)

Hello - that is just not supported as far as I can see, you’ll need to work the other way round.


Are you saying that once you set a custom color you can never go back? Or what is “the other way around”?

If I select the entire object, the color already says “by layer” (which is a bit misleading… it should perhaps say “mixed”) and if I select it again, nothing happens.

I just tried RemovePerFaceColors, and then I was able to start over but it’s not a great user experience.

Well, your report is not exactly 100% clear but it looks to me like you are trying to set per-face color to by layer. As far as I can see that is not allowed, and I would set the top level object to by layer and the faces that need to be different from that to whatever.


Ah, ok… so RemovePerFaceColors is necessary then, ie you need to start over on the entire object…

That seems a bit inflexible and wasted some time for me, so I hope that when @johnc refactors the per face material handling (as mentioned here), per face colors will also be taken into account.

Hi @pascal, on another sort of related note, what does ‘by parent’’ mean. I’ve never seen this applied or fully understood it.

Hello - see

does that do it?


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