Not able to get a smooth sweep2 transition!

I’m having troubles whit this armchair.
First of al I’m asking if sweep2 is the right tool to use to create the sides of the armchhair, can it maybe be done with Subd?
How can i create a smooth transition similar to the armchair in the photo?
Thanks in advance for helping!

575_HI_STORY_001.3dm (3.2 MB)

It’s certainly doable with “regular” NURBS but I would definitely say this would be way more fun - and interactive! - with Subd. As for why Sweep2 is giving you problems here - you’re trying to fill everything with one single surface when it should be multiple surfaces. Try making the back and the sides as their own simple and distinct surfaces, then think about creating the transitional surfaces between them.

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check out this video- It’s a similar shape and breaks down how to do this in SubD-


thanks! Your tutorial looks perfect in this case

I’m sharing a view! I think SubD worked perfectly, thanks again.

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NICE!!! well done-

hope you enjoy working in SubD as much as I do-

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one trick is to bevel the sharp edge as opposed to creasing it, that gives you sharpness without being artificially sharp- this adds a bit of subtlety to the model and lends itself to a more natural feeling piece.

that said, you are clearly on the right track!

I’ve beveled it a little on the side and on the seat and it looks good.!
Grazie mille!

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