How can this sofa be modeled? Subd or sweep?

Hi everyone,
I’m struggling on this model since few days, is it more appropriate to use subd tools or sweep1/2? Any suggestion how to start properly?

Ciao Erica.

SubD is type of geometry and so a whole set of commands and methods.

Sweep is just a single specific function to create surfaces/polysurfaces, surely not enough to create the complete thing.
You mean… to make the main shape with sweep in one go? … if so, no, i still think you would need more work with different rhino commands than just sweep.

If I were you i would try with subd and, as that sofa seems made of 2 main bodies, i would make so the 2 meshes/controlpolygon (the base subd structure, pre smoothing) share some/many faces.
Or use creases.

But I’ve never designed sofas… or anything nice to see :sweat_smile:

This looks like a pretty good candidate for SubD modeling, to me.